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Bologna Walking Tour 2H

Quick Details

No entrance and tickets are included in the cost

Adult (Ages 13+) minimum of 4
Child (2 to 12 years old)

2H Walking Tour

We start from the main square “Piazza Maggiore”, where some of these monuments are located. After a brief introduction about the history of the city and its development the tour begins with the description of the monuments facing the square. After we enter into the church of San Petronio, the biggest in Bologna, to learnsome of its secrets (like the history of the Cassini’s sundial and some of the frescoes and lateral chapels) and development. The tour continue to the Archiginnasio, for centuries the main location for the University: we visit its court and the famous anatomical theater, where the surgery lessons were held.

Later we cross the Quadrilatero area, known for their ancient shops and the several food sellers, but here there is even one of the most interesting sculpture of the Italian Renaissance: the Lamentation over the died Christ (defined as a “stone scream”). Passing through the Quadrilatero we reach the two towers, the iconic monuments of Bologna. Then we cross the Jewis Ghetto to reach some of the other famous towers of Bologna, like the Altabella and the Prendiparte, to come back to the Neptune square. Here we talk about its history and we can do even a brief visit of the library inside the Townhall.

note: No entrance and tickets are included in the cost