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Bologna Walking Tour 4H

Quick Details

Adult (Ages 13+)
Child (2 to 12 years old)

4H Walking Tour

We start from the main square “Piazza Maggiore”, with a brief introduction about the history of the region. Then we reach the area known as Quadrilatero, where are located some of the most ancient shops of Bologna and where are some of the best food shops. In this area the guide explains us what happened during the centuries for obtaining so wide range of foods. The purchasing of bread, cheese and cured meet is the perfect excuse to give some more details about process of the products. After the shopping we go into the most ancient tavern of Bologna for eating a light lunch… and taste wine of course.

After lunch the tour continue crossing some of the ancient streets of the center and the Jewish Ghetto. Along the road a stop is necessary to better explain the fresh pasta and the traditional shapes taken here in Bologna. We reach then the Herbs Market, one of the best market of the city where is possible finding any kind of fruit and vegetables (and much more). This could be the place for some more tasting, including a final stop in a gelato shop, ending the tour with something sweet and knowing what mean a handmade gelato.